If you are here, which you are, then odds are that you know as much about me as you could ever wish to know and perhaps that’s already too much.  However, since that only accounts for a portion of those perusing this website, I must provide some information for those who may wish to learn a bit about me beyond whatever brought you here.  It is plausible that you heard me playing music somewhere and liberated a business card from beside the tip jar or perhaps you are the weary web surfer who has stopped here to wax your cyber surfboard.  Regardless, this is I, as well as can be succinctly placed in a nutshell.

I currently reside in Newport News, VA where I teach school during the day, although any teacher will tell you that it’s a constant process and although school hours end at 3ish, lessons and educational inspirations are as likely to take root at midnight as they are at noon.  I also play music.  That will be the focus of this site.

            Although this section is “about me”, the truth is that looking at each section of the site should provide the most information about who I am.

A Brief History

            I am originally from Chattanooga, TN, which is where I attended the University of TN @ Chattanooga.  That is where I earned my undergraduate degree (forever a ‘Moccasin’, not a ‘Mocking Bird’) in music education.  I moved to VA a few years after graduating and began teaching and playing music with different area groups.  You can find out more about the people I’ve played with in the “Projects" section of the site.

Web Site Purpose

            My main goal for this web site is to share my music with those who may wish to hear it.  This can of course be accomplished by checking out the schedule to see where I will be playing and also listening to different postings of audio clips from live and studio recordings.